Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Topologies Key Texts and Free Articles from the TCS Archive


In addition to the interview below, the editors of the TCS Special Issue on Topologies of Culture (Jul-Sep 2012, 29.4-5) have also provided the following bibliography of key texts on topologies.

And we've made those articles from the TCS Archive freely available for one month only via the links below.

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Interview with Celia Lury, Luciana Parisi and Tiziana Terranova on Topologies

To supplement the TCS Special Issue onTopologies of Culture (Jul-Sep 2012, 29.4-5), Simon Dawes interviews the issue’s editors about their use of topology, the extent to which we are witnessing a ‘topological turn’ in the humanities and the social sciences or the emergence of a ‘topological society’, and the implications of a topological approach for a critique of neoliberalism.




TCS and B & S are published by SAGE.

Monday, 14 January 2013

TCS Annual Review - Out Now!

The TCS Annual Review 2012 (29.7-8, December issue) is now available, including a large special section on Georg Simmel as well as our regular section, Global Public Life.

The section on Simmel's 'Sociological Metaphysics: Money, Sociality and Precarious Life', edited and introduced by Austin Harrington and Thomas M Kemple, features articles by Donald N Levine, Robert William Button, Olli Pyyhtinen, Efraim Podoksik, Monica Lee & Daniel Silver, Nigel Dodd, Gregor Fitzi, Isabelle Darmon & Carlos Frade, Charles Barbour, David Kettler and Otthein Rammstedt, as well as exclusive translations of works by Simmel, Hans Blumenberg and Karl Mannheim.

In Global Public Life, Ryan Bishop introduces a conversation between artist Bashir Makhoul and curator Gordon Hon, followed by commentary pieces on Makhoul's work by John Beck and Huimin Jin. The GPL section also features Ken Friedman on Fluxus, and Nicholas Gane & Les Back on C Wright Mills.


TCS and B & S are published by SAGE.